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Wholesaler of custom made socks

Your bespoke socks with your logo or text, you choose the colors and logos; we produce them up from 250 pairs. Our competitive prices are clear, you can find them here on this site .
For more than 15 years, our speciality has been the manufacture of personalized socks. Our position as a wholesaler / manufacturer allows us to provide you with the large quantity of socks of your choice. For men and women or children, each customer personalizes his socks according to his tastes and in the desired quantities, colours and printed logos or text.

Whatever your needs, we weave any kind of design or text: company logo, mascot, your socks will look like no other! Depending on your needs and kind of textile used, we can put several professional techniques at your disposal. Our socks can be embroidered, printed or woven with your visuals. The choice will depend on your logo.

You run a sports club? Choose customised sports socks in the colours of your team. They will stylishly match your team’s personalised sportswear, such as jerseys, tights or t-shirts. They will complete their outfits for a serious, professional and personalized result. You own a company and want to advertise? Our wholesale sport socks will be an ideal visual support!

You will be able to order packs of 250 to 3000 pairs or more, to cover all your needs in terms of personalised socks. From colour to design, style, textile and size, your advertising sock supplier will adapt everything for each specific order. Every pair, every sock, receives the utmost attention to give you the best possible result.

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Our company offers you a complete service for customised socks :

  •    Several types of customizable socks, city socks, sport socks , baby socks and many more
  •    Click here to see our easy to read online pricelist for bespoke socks
  •    A professional weaving service
  •    Clear explanations on how to place an order, and individual follow up during the production process
  •    Clearly explained and detailed manufacturing deadlines
  •    A contact page to facilitate your steps and get a quick answer to all your questions. click here.

Custom bespoke socks

Our aim is to satisfy all the most specific needs of customers looking for a sock wholesaler offering quality work. Our services are constantly evolving and improving since more than 15 years, to adapt to the needs of each one and to offer products and a final result of high quality.

Think of original gifts, with advertising accessories that will leave a lasting impression on your customers’ minds. It is often customary, especially at the beginning of the year, to offer small personalized gifts to your customers. Get out of the standard products and accessories, we have named: pens with the effigy of the brands!

If you want to stand out and stay in the spotlight, personalised advertising socks in your company’s colours will be perfect! By going through a sock wholesaler, you are sure to get the best prices for large quantities ordered. This way, you can give a low-cost gift to your loyal customers, which will quickly pay for itself through the positive effects of a high-impact gift.

It is possible to accompany your gifts with jerseys, t-shirts, personalised shorts or any other fashion textile. You will create a surprise effect that will make you stay in the memory.

Think of your employees too! By choosing a specialized supplier, the more you order advertising pieces, the less you pay. It’s time to please and win everyone’s approval at a lower cost.

From the colour to the size, the type of marking and the packaging, you will be able to fully personalise your order.


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Advertising socks prices

With a supplier of bespoke socks in large quantities, you benefit from the best prices. This is much cheaper than buying accessories individually or in a few dozen copies. Your cash flow will benefit, as well as your company, which will definitely benefit.

Whether you choose printed, embroidered or woven advertising socks, you will get a quote tailored to your needs. The prices depend on your selection criteria, but indicative prices are already available on our website , click here to see the prices now.

In order to set the fairest price to your request, it will be necessary to define your slightest desires. Thus, colour, details (nose and heels of socks), simple or multiple marking, identical or different socks in a pair, the choices are vast!

Many parameters will therefore be evaluated by our experts. We invite you to discover the different possibilities of personalization at your disposal for your advertising socks.


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The weaving of socks

Weaving cannot be improvised, it is the business of experts who will know how to give your personalized socks the final result you expect. The technique is perfectly mastered by our professionals, who know the rudiments of this task better than anyone else. You are therefore assured of a high quality weaving result, which will bring you complete satisfaction.

These men’s and women’s cotton socks are made using innovative and advanced technologies. The program used allows you to enter all your preferences, from size to colour and the chosen visual.

Each customer is guided step by step through a process perfectly mastered by a team of professionals. The weaving of yesteryear has given way to modern, state-of-the-art know-how, carried out in the best possible way. Each customer is assured of obtaining a quality result that will satisfy him as much as the people who will wear his products.

All you have to do is trust your sock wholesaler to create as many pairs of socks as you need!

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The manufacturing lead time of the socks

Quality work requires meticulous work. As a sock wholesaler for more than 15 years, we know how to put all our know-how at your disposal. In order to carry out quality work, it is necessary to respect a deadline of a few weeks to manufacture products that meet your expectations.

So, if you have a deadline for the distribution of your customised socks, remember to do it on time. This will give you the time to create the perfect model with our team and then give us the time to manufacture them with care.

From the design of the details to the quality control of the products, no step is neglected, for your complete satisfaction!
Contact us for more information!

The team of experts at your custom sock wholesaler is always available to guide you through your order. By telephone, by mail or by post, various options are available to you to contact us easily.

Ordering large quantities of a product from a wholesaler is not common. It is therefore normal to have questions and to want to achieve everything with perfection. This is why we remain at your disposal by the means of communication of your choice, to accompany you from the creation of your personalized sock models to their delivery.

Who are we and where are we located?

We are part of the Horizonsources group and benefit from many years of experience as a sock wholesaler. This know-how allows us to carefully design your logos or slogans on your custom socks.

We put forward strong values that motivate us in our different missions. With the ultimate goal of seriously satisfying all requests for personalised socks, we have at heart to carry out an ever more perfect job. For this, the will to improve is inevitable and is at the centre of our concerns.
Experts within everyone’s reach

Our team speaks several languages, so that we can communicate easily with all our clients.

She can be reached by various means of communication, in order to answer all questions. Being a sock wholesaler cannot be improvised and requires know-how. This expertise is at your service to meet your various requests.

An international sock wholesaler

Whether you are in Europe, America or Africa, we can meet your needs.

A professional will be able to answer you in your language, to accompany you in your order of personalized socks with peace of mind.

An evolving society

The company aims to evolve, both in terms of its services and the expansion of its services. It therefore extends its services from country to country, to provide its services where they are needed.

Everywhere, the values of honesty, respect and integrity are at the heart of the company’s concerns. So you entrust your order of personalized socks to an expert who takes care of his teams, as well as his customers. This is a far cry from a company that exploits its employees. On the contrary, everyone’s well-being is put forward, so that each order is carried out fairly, honestly and with the common pleasure of satisfying our customers.

Respect for quality

Producing custom socks in large quantities does not exempt a sock wholesaler from creating quality.

From design to delivery, a quality charter is rigorously followed for all our products. Each customer thus benefits from highly qualitative work, both in service and follow-up.

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