Sportsmen and women know that sports socks have their own characteristics. Simply thin socks are not enough. Therefore, a sports club wishing to supply or offer quality customised sport socks will have to order parts adapted to its needs.

Our specialists adapt to these specific needs, in order to offer all the necessary comfort to your sportsmen and women. The weaving method of our personalized socks, as well as the material, is adapted to the particular needs of each sport.

Together, we will evaluate your specific needs, to define every important detail of your personalized socks. Your sock wholesaler will provide you with a large quantity (with a minimum of 200 pieces) of socks. For both men and women, they will ensure optimal comfort during use.

sport socks

You will thus emphasize your willingness to participate in the well-being of your athletes. By personalizing your quality pieces, you will also put your club in the spotlight. Your players will be united around common values, highlighting the pride of being part of your sports community.

The manufacturing lead time of the socks

Quality work requires meticulous work. As a sock wholesaler for more than 15 years, we know how to put all our know-how at your disposal. In order to carry out quality work, it is necessary to respect a deadline of a few weeks to manufacture products that meet your expectations.

So, if you have a deadline for the distribution of your customised socks, remember to do it on time. This will give you the time to create the perfect model with our team and then give us the time to manufacture them with care.

From the design of the details to the quality control of the products, no step is neglected, for your complete satisfaction!

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