Price list of printed, embroidered or woven advertising socks. These prices are given as an indication only. Depending on your logo, or the composition of the socks, these prices may change.

This list allows you to define a budget for your order of personalized socks, then contact you and we will establish, free of charge, a precise quotation for your project.
Marking of advertising socks

The price indicated below includes the cost of weaving your logo into the socks. The logo can be marked in several places, on the ankles, under the feet, on the foot… You can also be creative with the colours of the socks, the nose, the heel of the sock can be a different colour than the sock itself. For more information on sock branding, visit this page.

The prices of custom made socks

Pairs 250 500 750 1000 2000 3000
Standard city socks







 Ankle socks







 High socks







Fixes costs per order


Transport cost







    • VAT not included prices are in EURO
    • Print or woven logo.
    • weight for 1000 pairs of socks = 30 kg.

Your budget for a custom sock order

The size of the printed socks, the complexity of the logo to be marked, the type of socks can change the prices indicated above. It is obvious that socks will cost more than simple low socks.

The manufacturing time can also influence the price, an express order will cost more than an order delivered in 4 or 5 weeks.

Our teams are at your disposal to study with you your project of personalized socks.  Contact us, you will have a precise answer within 24 hours.

Your questions

You have a question or you want to place an order, contact us!

Socks are the perfect promotional gift for your customers, at Christmas or any other occasion. It is possible to personalize your order online, while benefiting from a quality service.

The prices of the advertising socks vary according to the choices you will have defined to personalize your articles. The prices indicated here are therefore given as an indication and must be subsequently reviewed according to the specifics of your personalised order.


A customization made to measure

Among the various options resulting in a price adjustment are the material used, the logo to be embroidered and the number of times you want the logo to appear. Your final quotation will include all these data, for a 100% personalised service.

Our advertising socks for men and women are of excellent quality, made of various resistant materials: polyamide, elastan, cotton. It is even possible to make pairs in bamboo, according to the customer’s wishes.

However, to give you an approximate idea of the price you can expect for your batch of embroidered advertising and customised socks, we are already offering you this list. It will allow you to consider the main lines of your budget, which will be subsequently refined. To do this, simply contact our team of experts. They will evaluate with you your specific needs in terms of branding, colours, logo, the composition of your advertising socks and the number of socks you will need.

Personalized support

Ordering products from a wholesaler can sometimes raise doubts. There is a fear of making mistakes, which would be reflected in a large quantity of products. No need to worry about that, thanks to the help of our professionals.

They will provide you with a tailor-made accompaniment, which will allow you to perfect your personalized order. You are then guaranteed to receive the personalised advertising socks just as you imagined them. Your project will take shape as you define your preferences, to finally establish a fair estimate, in line with your needs.

The marking of advertising socks

The prices shown in the table below include a number of basic services. These include the weaving of your logo on your advertising socks. This logo can be placed in several places on the sock :

    at the ankles

Numerous configurations are possible to design in detail your personalized advertising socks. If you wish to be creative in the realization of your products, you can play with colours. The colour of the socks themselves, the nose, the heel, can vary to create the model of your choice.

A price list to be adapted to the type of marking

There are two different types of marking, to satisfy all desires. Whether by weaving
or printing, each sock is made with passion and know-how, for your
complete satisfaction.

When defining your wishes to the
professional who will accompany you in your quotation, remember to
specify the type of marking you wish to benefit from.

Prices of personalized advertising socks

There are different types of socks, which should be adapted to your needs. A sports club will be well advised to opt for low sport socks. They will meet the needs of sportsmen and women and the harsh conditions under which they will be used. Logos or other markings can be printed, woven or silk-screened. It will also be possible to consider matching your pairs of advertising socks with the shoes in your club’s colours.

For a Christmas promotional gift, for example, a company may opt for a completely different style. Standard city socks or “high socks” may be perfect for the occasion.

In any case, the price of your wholesale advertising socks will be different depending on your choice. The cheapest are the sports socks, followed by the standard models and then the high socks. Whichever you choose, the larger the quantity ordered, the cheaper the unit price will be. Count between 4.17€ and 4.86€ per piece for the basic price of 250 pairs. Conversely, for a personalized order of up to 3000 pairs, the unit price of the pieces increases from 1.43€ to 2.21€. Intermediate prices are of course available for quantities between these two examples.

A concrete example

In order to save money, it may be interesting to anticipate possible future orders with a larger batch of parts. Let’s imagine that you are a company that wants to offer a small original gift every year. By ordering several hundred pairs at once, in anticipation of the years to come, you will ensure that you make good savings.

For example, let’s say that each year you know you will need 500 pairs of High Socks models. If you order on a piecemeal basis, they will cost you €4.11 per pair. However, if you anticipate for the following year, the unit price drops to €3.03 each. So over 2 years, instead of paying €4,110, you will only pay €3030. This is a margin of more than €1,000 which is to your credit and can be invested elsewhere. This is the kind of advantage you can only get through a sock wholesaler.

The costs related to the order

Note that regardless of the quantity of parts ordered, the overhead costs are fixed. They will therefore not be increased for a large order of several thousand pairs.

As for shipping costs, they are logically adapted to the quantity of advertising socks ordered. Our price list explains this in detail, so that you can integrate this into your budget.

With all these indications, your project can already start to take shape. All you have to do to refine it is to define your needs and present them to our team of professionals.

Define the budget for a custom sock order

The final tariff will take into account every detail of the complete service we offer you. We remind you that these prices are for information only and do not include the specifics of your order. According to your needs, the final tariff will be modified and personalized according to your wishes. Here are the elements to be taken into account to establish your final budget.
Socks sizes

The quotation will take into account the sizes of the parts chosen. Indeed, it should be stressed that the larger the sock, the more fabric it requires. As a result, the cost price will be higher for the design of this type of product.
The choice of the logo

The complexity of the logo can also lead to a change in price. A simple logo, not much worked and not very colourful, will be inexpensive to embroider. Conversely, a logo with multiple colours and complex graphics will be more difficult to embroider and will require more work. It is therefore normal that this point will be reflected in the final price of the custom embroidered socks.

The sock model

The type of advertising socks chosen will also play a role. As shown in the table above, each model has its own price list. This is mainly due to the materials, shape and size of the pieces. So, depending on your needs, it may be interesting to take this into account.

It goes without saying that a sports club will have no choice but to choose specific socks for its members. However, a company wishing to offer an original goodie to customers may be able to adapt its choice to fit its budget. In this case, the nature of the sock is relatively unimportant, the important thing being the colours and the embroidered graphics. Knowing that of course socks will cost more than socks, it may be interesting to minimize costs in this respect.

Take into account the delivery time

Our typical delivery times are around 4 to 5 weeks. We strongly advise our customers to take this into account before ordering. By anticipating your project, you give yourself time to refine your order.

At the same time, this gives us the time we need to take care of your order in optimal conditions. The other bonus for you is that you benefit from standard delivery charges.

Express delivery

However, for urgent orders, we can consider an express shipment. Unfortunately it is not always possible to anticipate as much as we would like and in these cases it is important to be able to find a backup solution. To this end, our teams are committed to manufacturing your personalised advertising socks as quickly as possible. The work will be just as qualitative and the perfection brought by our professionals will be just as meticulous. However, the delivery rates will logically be increased in this type of case.

Thus, if the budget of your project is rather tight, it remains preferable to anticipate your order as much as possible. This may also allow you, with the same budget, to invest the money in other personalization options that are important to you or in another complementary gift.

A budget studied with our experts

Our team is available and at your service by phone, online by email or mail. Our multilingual experts will be happy to answer all your questions. After clarifying some of your questions if necessary, you can start the ordering process together.

You benefit from personalised support, to carry out the precise ordering of your batch. You will receive a precise answer within 24 hours. Armed with your estimate, it will be easy for you to refine your budget, or even slightly modify your order to respect it.

When you are ready to place an order, contact our teams again. You will then be able to finalize your project, in collaboration with professionals who are attentive to your needs.